Get your Pokemon Go fix at PLAY Expo Margate

charmanderPokemon Go, the game that’s so popular even your Nan knows what a Charmander is, has got us all in an Electrabuzz here at Replay Events. So, we’re going to be taking advantage of the local gyms and Pokestops near the Margate Winter Gardens to add to a splash of Pokemon Go fun to PLAY Expo Margate. ZUBATter believe it!

The venue itself has a gym located on both sides of it AND there’s two pokestops in the venue too, so over the course of the weekend we are going to be dropping some incense to bring the Pokemon to the party! If you don’t have that many Pokemon yet, have no Fearow, we have you covered there too as we will also be using lures at the eeveePokestops to increase the number of Pokemon available in the area.

Feel Butterfree to wander around the expo while you’re there and get Seaking out those rare Pokemon! Maybe they can help you Weedle your way to the top of one of the local gyms too!

So grab your phones and head on down to PLAY Expo Margate for some Pokemon Go fun! See Mew there!