• Do you want to help PLAY Expo Margate be the very best that it can be?
  • Do you have a passion for gaming in all it’s forms?
  • Do you want to earn some serious XP points?
  • Are you 16 or over?

If you answered “Yes” to all of these then we want to hear from you!!! You could be just what we’re looking for as a volunteer for PLAY Expo Margate!!

As a volunteer you get access to the event and get to see how events like this tick, learn the tricks of the trade, make some great new friends and contacts, and best of all, you can use volunteering with us on your CV! Imagine how that’s going look to look! That you were part of a national gaming convention… Pretty damn awesome that’s how!!!!

So, if you want to join a crew of super awesome people, then please fill out this form.

Volunteering with PLAY Expo Margate is coordinated and managed by Thanet Cosplay. For more information email [email protected].