Win prizes and glory in our tournaments!


Tournaments are coming to PLAY Expo Margate so get those hands warmed up and practice those moves and you could be walking away with prizes and glory!

For those footie fans out there we have our Fifa 2016 competetion on Xbox One. If you prefer a bit of FPS action then you might want to check out our Halo 4 tournament on Xbox 360.

If you’re more Playstation than Xbox you should rock up to our Street Fighter 5 tournament on Playstation 4!

RetrogradeGamer Aka ^Katsu (previously the Social Ninja of RetroCollect & voice from RetroCollect FM) will be bringing the following challenges for you lucky PEOPLES at Play Expo Margate.

Random Fighting Championship – The Return!
The ULTIMATE Fighting Knockout Tournament*
Battle your way through the competition in a series of nerve racking (best of ONE round) bouts. With a different game randomly selected at each stage of the tournament for GREAT JUSTICE!
The FINAL BATTLE will revert to the game’s natural VICTORY settings.
Oh & a GLORIOUS prize for Play Expo Margate’s SUPREME LEADER!
*Things WILL get weird. Plasters supplied. Do you like cheese?

Score Attack: Aim high.
Super Star Soldier – PC Engine *Contains graphic scenes of SPACE
Nam 1975 – NeoGeo *1990’s, 1975, 46 Meg, Hardcore Classic. It is an exceptionally tough challenge, prepare for GAME OVER.

Margate Super MarioKart Master
Super MarioKart Time Trial? -Oh SNES *Ha ha!

Plus a few more, maybe…

Schedule for Sat and Sun

11:30 – Xbox One : FIFA 2016

13:00 – Xbox 360: Halo 4

14:00 – Random Fighting Tournament

15:50 – PS4: Street Fighter 5