Asobi Quang DX is joining us at PLAY Expo Margate!

Chances are if you consume retrogaming content you'll have come across Quang's smiling face; boasting one of the biggest collections of wacky and wonderful Japanese consoles he often provides them for YouTubers to feature in their content, as well as pitching in to our Retro Gaming Rarities zone at various PLAY Expo's! He's also a semi-regular guest on BBC Level 23 talking about all things videogaming.

Quang started out as the lead programmer on various Game Boy Colour titles for Graphic State, before fast forwarding to 2007 when he founded to pursue his love of Indie Videogame Development, with his title Mao Mao Castle launching February 29th!

You can find him over on YouTube and Twitter.

He'll be joining us for Panels & Talks, the details of which we'll confirm in the coming week! You can also find Mao Mao Castle over in our Indie Zone!


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