The UK has a thriving indie scene, so at PLAY Expo Margate we're going to give it a little love.

Below you can find out about the indie developers that are coming along to show off their titles!

Head Tilt Games - 
Millions Of Minions:

MillionsOfMinions SteamArt 1

Millions of Minions is a dungeon crawler, in which you must strategically command your undead minions throughout the eerie caverns.
Overtime, you will traverse your way upwards, from The Deep Depths: increasing your army, in order to reach the world's surface. However, you are met with never-before-seen, as well as fairly familiar, creatures with unnatural capabilities.
The world is procedural and so your experience will alter significantly each time you play which allows for extreme replay-ability.
Take control of your Millions of Minions and show those unnatural beings who rules the unnatural.


Steve Miller - 
Okinawa Rush:

oki banner 1

Okinawa Rush - A pixel-art fighting/platform game for PC and consoles.
Inspired by platformers & beat-em-ups from the 90's with modern fighting game mechanics.


Leda Entertainment - 
Bullion - The Curse of the Cut-Throat Cattle:


A local multiplayer party brawler game combining competitive and cooperative play with pirates and cow puns.
Choose your bovine buccaneer, and join a mad loot-grabbing battle to survive the wrath of the heathen gods! (Please note: the developers will not be held responsible for damage to friendships, relationships, etc…!)


Asobi.Tech - 
Mao Mao Castle:

MaoMaoCastle Art1024

Help MaoMao, the magical flying Cat-Dragon, on a fantastical journey to free your friends. Heading back to their castle, collect rainbows and avoid obstacles along the way.
Perform the speed dash to crash through trees, pillars and moai, as you try not to lose your 9 lives. Carry out deft manoeuvres simply by gliding your finger across your mobile device screen, or waving your hand over the LEAP Motion Controller.


Drive Buy:

Gameplay Grab1024

Drive Buy is a fast paced, cross-play, vehicle combat game inspired by arcade classics and gaming greats. Get your hands on the Nintendo Switch version first at Play Expo Margate!


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