It's coming home, it's coming home, its coming, the Ken Sei Mogura: Street Fighter II arcade cabinet is coming home!

What is likely one of the rarest arcade cabinets in the UK, the Ken Sei Mogura combines elements of "whack-a-mole" style game play with Street Fighter II.

Player 1 assumes the role of Ryu, versus 2s Chun-Li, and the players have to hit pop-up Bison's in an attempt to outscore the other player whilst the match plays out onscreen. The winner then gets to battle Bison in the final!

First released in 1994, this particular game is a Japanese imported arcade cabinet, one of only a handful known to have landed on UK shores and is the only known surviving machine of its type left in the UK when two of them were discovered in 2015 at Dreamland in Margate. Between the two damaged cabs, a complete, working, and absolutely gorgeous cab was put together, and we will be bringing it back home to PLAY Expo Margate this February!

So whether you're a Street Fighter fanatic, or an arcade cab aficionado, you'll want to come and play this one-of-a-kind machine!


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