Coaching For Geeks is bringing Videogames In Real Life to PLAY Expo Margate!

VG: IRL is a tribute to the Friday evening afteschool gameshows, retold through the lens of videogames played by a 41 year old man who never got to be on Knightmare, The Crystal Maze or Funhouse and is still bitter about it.

A culmination of many years spent devising games to play at picnics, VG: IRL brings controlled mayhem to the stage using short lengths of pipe, golf balls, forks, cardboard tubes, wooden spoons, pound coins, oven mitts, nerf guns, pieces of paper and other assorted bits and pieces as two teams battle over a series of rounds to earn points for the final battle.

Hosted by Bex "Trista Bytes" Trista and Coaching For Geeks's very own Robin Bates, we're sure it's going to be utter chaos!

The full schedule of all our exciting stage entertainment will be up at the start of next week.


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