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Jet Set Willy Creator, Matthew Smith - He'll be joining us to celebrate the 35th birthday of this beloved retro classic!
Knightmare's Treguard, Hugo Myatt - Ooh Nasty! Treguard will be taking part in our Knightmare Panel and photo opportunities!
Knightmare Artist, David Rowe - The man behind Knightmare's dungeon backdrops and the cover arts of some of the best retro games around!
Official Hog Of War, Jake Habgood - Ex Gremlin, Hog Of War Creator, Steel Minions Manager and full-time teacher!
YouTubers & Panel Talk - Slope's Game Room, Kim Justice, Top Hat Gaming Man, and Octav1us!
Steve McNeil - Go 8 Bit for Steve McNeil!

You'll be able to find almost all our guests over on the Talks Stage, and you can find the schedule for that right here:


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